edit Navroz Dubash | D Raghunandan | Girish Sant | Ashok Sreenivas

There is a growing body of climate-related policy in India. At the same time, there is no clear and consistent approach or framework that directs and guides these efforts. This paper proposes and develops a methodology for operationalising a co-benefits approach to climate policy formulation. We use the technique of multi-criteria analysis, which requires making choices between and examining trade-offs across multiple objectives of policy, such as growth, inclusion and environment. In addition, we develop a framework for consideration of implementation issues. We focus on policies related to energy and mitigation; but we believe the approach can also be modified to address adaptation concerns. A structured tool of the sort proposed here would hopefully contribute to more informed and deliberative decision-making on climate-related issues. This paper was published in the Economic and Political Weekly issue of June 1, 2013.